• 5 Ways To Lead A More Meaningful Life

    How do you make sure to live a happy and prosperous life? How exactly do you define a meaningful life? Is it about being there for your loved ones when they experience a crisis? Is it about helping your friend when they are struggling academically, and they ask you “Write My Essay Online?” Well, life is all about these little things. It is about having a positive attitude towards what comes your way and finding purpose even in setbacks. However, this is not an easy path to tread on, and so, we bring you five ways in which you can lead a more meaningful life.

    1. Establish your key values

    To lead a more meaningful life, you must know what matters the most to you. This is the only way you can truly understand what your priorities are. Establish your key values based on what your heart truly desires. To determine this, you can ask yourself a bunch of questions. What is the purpose of your existence? How do you want to spend most of your time? What are your interests apart from the profession you belong to?

    An important fallacy that people start to believe in is that they are what they do. So, if they study science, they begin to feel as though investing time in understanding other aspects of life would be a waste and hypocritical. This concept is misconstrued. To lead a fulfilling life, you have to figure out who you are as an individual figure.

    1. Look for opportunities to be kind to others

    An important part of a meaningful life is living for others. Not to suggest that you should prioritise others over yourself. However, the idea is to find a balance where you meet your personal standards along with those of others. Look for opportunities to be kind to others. Volunteer to help, do charity, and write about the things that matter to you to show support.

    1. Show genuine interest in others

    When you show interest in other people, you begin to realise that there’s a world separate from you and much bigger than what you might presume. Ask questions about fun and eclectic things. Be present in the moment and recognise the needs of others around you. Be the bigger person and forgive easily. And most importantly, let go of your ego as there are times when you may also be at fault.

    1. Be the best version of yourself

    In the movie Lady Bird, Christine’s mother asks her to be the best version of herself to which she responds, “what if this is the best version of me?” It wasn’t. No matter who you are and how well you’ve done for yourself, there’s always room for improvement. The world would become extremely boring without growth. If you believe that right now is the best version of you, then there’s a strong sense of stagnation that you need to combat. Wake up every day with more motivation and appreciation for the goodness around you. Help others, tell your family that you love them, be there for your friends, and look after your pets.

    1. Remember to breathe

    Finally, to have a meaningful life, you have to look after yourself in terms of mental, psychological, and physical health. Hence, if you falter at one step, doesn’t mean that you have to continue the negative pattern. Give yourself a break and stop being too hard on yourself. Learn to accept your flaws and don’t let your insecurities get the best of you.


    Hence, it isn’t that hard to be a good person in general. Yes, time tests even the best of us and most of the times we fail. However, that doesn’t mean we should not try again!